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The Easiest Teach Yourself Piano Book Ever.

So I have just finished my piano method book and have been pondering how to release it into the world. Its only taken my 30 years of research and 2 years to write but I am finally here. The answer that Ive come to is a blog. Over the next few months I will be releasing a section a week for you to enjoy. So lets inhale deeply and take the first step.

Piano Slide Rule

Have you ever found reading music too hard & music theory way too complicated to understand? Or maybe you have watched in amazement as musicians work out music by ear & thought you had to be born with such a talent? Well I also thought this until I was introduced to ‘American Jazz Theory’. AJT is a clever way of easily understanding music through a number system based on ‘scale degrees’. Not only does AJT make music far easier to read & understand but also trains your ear at the same time. Over the years I have taught this method to all my students with spectacular results. Unfortunately though I have never found a AJT piano method book written for beginners, which prompted me to write the book that you are holding.

I have also created a simple ‘Piano Slide Rule’ that will help you learn the AJT method with tremendous ease. In the next section you will find an easy to follow DIY guide that will help you to create your own PSR. I highly recommend you go to the effort of making a PSR to sit on your piano keys. This will make the exercises in the book much easier. However if you unable to do so I have included the PSR the gallery below.

Piano Slide Rule DIY Instructions

To make your own ‘Piano Slide Rule’ click on Piano Slide Rule Template to download the printable PDF and follow the following instructions.

Items you will need

  1. Printer

  2. A4 paper x3 or A4 adhesive paper x2 & A4 paper x1

3. Craft Glue or double sided tape

4. A4 cardboard x2

  1. Utility knife

  2. Cutting board

  3. Steel Ruler

  4. Laminator (optional)

Proceed as follows

  1. Print pages 1 & 2 of this document onto either A4 paper or if you prefer, adhesive paper. Tip: make sure you set the print size to 100%, otherwise you will end up with a slide rule that may not fit your piano.

  2. Glue the printed ‘page 1’ document onto the A4 cardboard & allow enough time to be completely dry. Or if you used adhesive paper simply stick the print to the card.

  3. Do the same for the printed ‘page 2’ document.

  4. Print page 3 of this document onto A4 paper, then use the utility knife to cut it out. Laminate only the ruler section, if you desire. Laminating the ruler will help it to slide easily.

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