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Sound Healing Lessons


For personal development,

the spiritual seeker,

and the professional sound healer.

Lesson subjects we will cover:

Acting as your guide, together we will explore the deeper spiritual aspects of sound/music for personal growth and healing. I will teach you the tools that will not only help to create a life of bliss for yourself but also one you can share with others.


For professional sound healers, I am a one-stop-shop for all things music-related. I can help expand your musical knowledge, healing toolset, and musical ability. I give professional advice on buying quality instruments, sound tools, and pro audio equipment. I also offer you my services as a composer, producer, & audio engineer.

  • Chakras and sound:

the main energy centers of the human body 

and how sound affects them. 


  • Energy clearing and balancing with Sound.


  • Music theory, understanding Pitch, Harmony & Rhythm, 

and how to use it for personal growth and healing.


  • Learn how to play and use Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tuning Forks, 

Tibetan Mantras, Frame Drum, Chimes, etc… 

for healing & daily practice.


  • Learn how to sing in pitch, hold notes with the support of your diaphragm, vocal toning, throat singing,

& humming for health/well-being. 


  • Learn the fundamentals of rhythm and keeping a steady beat 

to help facilitate deep levels of Meditation.


  • Meditating while playing an instrument, 

to help deepen your connection.


  • Improvisation & songwriting for improving creativity,

problem-solving, mental clarity & insight.


  • Building confidence through musical expression.


  • Balancing the mind and heart with the aid of sound.

Lesson Cost


Students may start lessons at any time of the year or month, so there's no reason to wait to get started.


$50 for 1/2 hour weekly lesson - FULL TERM, paid in advance.
$50 for 1/2 hour lesson - CASUAL, paid before the lesson.

PRIVATE GROUP LESSONS (Great for family & friends, bands, cost-effective)

$25 PER PERSON, for 1/2 hour weekly lesson - FULL TERM, paid in advance.
$25 PER PERSON, for 1/2 hour lesson - CASUAL, paid before the lesson.



I am available for workshops at your community house, school, or private event.





Mat's studio is open 6 days a week:


Monday - Friday 4pm - 9.30pm

Saturday - 9am - 5.30pm

Sunday - CLOSED


To send Mat a message

please click here

70 Clifton Street,

Balwyn North, Vic. 3104

Tel: 0409 869 577

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