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Mat Creedon


Teacher, Artist, Composer, Producer, Sound Therapist

For the past 31 years, I have had the honor of providing a broad range of music services, both locally and abroad. 

As a Music Teacher, Artist, Composer, Producer, multi-Instrumentalist, Mixing / Mastering Engineer, & Sound Therapist.

It’s a continual joy to release music as an artist under the name Mat Creedon (aka The Ribbon Device & Periscope).

Help local & international independent artists as a Producer & Mixing / Mastering engineer.

Offer my compositions to storytellers in the film industry.

I feel blessed to be able to share my knowledge with music students through the Mat Creedon school of music. 

I love sharing my passion for music, through teaching the many instruments I've been so fortunate to learn.


However, my greatest passion is working as a Sound Therapist. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping those in need.

Listening, offering to counsel, and performing guided meditations with Tibetan Singing bowls is what really makes my heart sing!

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