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 Sound Bath  Meditation 

"Lower vibrations exist with material reality,

higher ones with mystical reality

and a full vibrational spectrum with expanded reality."

-Dr. Valerie Hunt

Energy clearing and balancing with singing bowls

Sound healing (or vibrational healing) is an effective method of energy clearing and balancing, which is used as a “support” for other treatments, such as massage or Reiki. The Tibetan singing bowls create beautiful vibrations to clear, rebalance, and ground the energy body (vajra body), improving the flow of the (subtle) energy in the channels and chakras.

This flow of energy travels through the body exerting a positive

influence on the emotional and physical body.

Benefits from singing bowl healing:

Reduced stress

Balance Chakras 

Synchronize energy

For meditation

For Relaxation

Improved mental and physical clarity

Enhanced creativity

Clear and purify the mind and body

Calm, quiet, and center the mind

Produce a sense of peace and tranquility


How singing bowls work:

Vibrations produced from the bowls quiet, calm and relax the mind allowing the listener to enter into a state of deep meditation.

The listener's intellectual mind is reduced which allows the inner wisdom mind to awaken and open up. The body's energy field is stimulated and this is what promotes healing at the cellular level.


What to expect during the sound bath:

In the one-hour sound bath, Mat performs various sound instruments

(singing bowls, gongs, chimes, tuning forks, frame drum)

and Tibetan Buddhist mantras.

Book a private session with Mat

Please bring your yoga mat and a blanket for comfort.  


Private 1 hour sound baths - $99


Group sound baths - $25 per person (minimum 8 people)

Inquire about a group session with Mat   

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