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  • The Mat Creedon Piano Method

    Have you ever found reading music too hard & music theory is too complicated to understand? Or maybe you have been amazed by watching musicians learn music by ear & thought you are either born with such a talent or not. If so then I have written this book for you!

    I have condensed 28 years of teaching music into this piano method book that will not only make sight reading incredibly easy but will also teach you the mysteries of music theory & ear training at the same time. We will start our journey together at the very beginning and progress at an easy pace, gradually increasing the challenge as your skills grow. Lets get started!


    This download is both Mac os, ios & PC compatible. 

    This Zip file contains:

    • iBooks file & PDF file of 'The Mat Creedon Piano Method'
    • PDF file of the Piano Slide Rule Template and assembly instructions.





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