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Sound Healing Lessons


personalized music lessons to help you

on your spiritual path.


For personal development,

those new to the spiritual path,

the spiritual seeker,

and the professional sound healer.


I will act as your guide and together we will explore the deeper spiritual aspects of sound/music for personal growth and healing.


For professional sound healers, I can help fill in any gaps in your musical knowledge, and give you professional advice on buying quality instruments, sound tools, and audio equipment for online, live & recording.

I also offer you my services in composition, recording, mixing & mastering.


Things we will cover during your lessons:


Chakras and sound: the main energy centers of the human body

and how sound affects them. 


Energy clearing and balancing with Sound.

Music theory, understanding Pitch, Harmony & Rhythm,

and how to use it for personal growth and healing.

Learn how to play and use Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tuning Forks,

Tibetan Mantras, Frame Drum, Chimes, etc…

for healing & daily practice.

Learn how to sing in pitch, hold notes with the support of your diaphragm,

vocal toning, throat singing & humming for health/well-being. 

Learn the fundamentals of rhythm and keeping steady time

to help facilitate deep levels of Meditation.

Meditating while playing an instrument,

to help deepen your connection.

Improvisation & songwriting

for improving creativity, problem-solving, mental clarity & insight.

Building confidence through musical expression.

Balancing the mind and heart with the aid of sound.

Benefits from sound healing

Reduced stress

Balance Chakras 

Synchronize energy

For meditation

For relaxation

Improved mental and physical clarity

Enhanced creativity

Clear and purify the mind and body

Calm, quiet, and center the mind

Produce a sense of peace and tranquility


How sound healing works.

Vibrations produced from the bowls quiet, calm and relax the mind allowing the listener to enter into a state of deep meditation.

The listener's intellectual mind is reduced which allows the inner wisdom mind to awaken and open up. The body's energy field is stimulated and this is what promotes healing at the cellular level.



Students may start lessons at any time of the year or month, so there's no reason to wait to get started.


$35 for 1/2 hour weekly lesson - FULL TERM, paid in advanced.
$37 for 1/2 hour lesson - CASUAL, paid before lesson.

PRIVATE GROUP LESSONS (Great for family & friends, bands, cost effective)

$24 PER PERSON, for 1/2 hour weekly lesson - FULL TERM, paid in advanced.
$26 PER PERSON, for 1/2 hour lesson - CASUAL, paid before lesson.



I am available to do any instrument workshops at you local pub, cafe, community house, school or even a private dinner!

Fees will be worked out once we've planned what I will be doing at your event.

Book a private lesson with Mat.


0409 869 577


Follow the link for more on Mat Creedon.    

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